From behind a dank cloud of green smoke, Plausible will ascend.

Plausible has been making music for a good few years on a computer & mixing gear, every day is still a learning day for him, a little inspiration from a song or sound & a track will appear the next day. Starting out trying to get a studio by way of a church hall for forming and co founding a punk metal band & not having long there so used a sound proof made studio in a garage instead, that band was ’Nomed’, I’ll let you work that name out. He played lead Guitar & co- wrote some raw & unseen lyrics.


This all stemmed from the influence of 80’s 90’s pop & rock when he was a lad in the late 70's & then he grew into, punk, dance, metal music & then he landed super dope job in the 90's when in his teens/20s working along side some D'n'b & dance Dj & Producer greats, Andy C, Goldie, Grooverider, Fabio, Dj Rap, Chris Paul, just to name a few in the scene, covering TV/conference/club nights/shows/miss world contests & lighting installations, though mainly sat in a dj console next to these prolific dj's In the famous west end clubs, Camden Palace, Gas Club, London Hippodrome, Limelight, programming & controlling Lights, he was running lights on Telepathy d'n'b sessions, Rob Playford's 'Voodoo magic' breakbeat nights or covering the yearly Limelight Eastenders private staff & actor parties & having the honour of working along side Ben Elton, Lenny Henry, Hugh Laurie & Stephen Fry's rock band or simply controlling lights on a weekday club night, Also controlling the Hippodrome world famous light show with a partner on the custom avolites system designed by Stringfellow, with some country wide club lighting & sound fit outs along the way. All this while working as a professional lighting maintenance tech & jockey. Quite the experience no doubt.

Later he would work in the outer region clubs & meet amongst many others, the talented Tzant front man Marcus Thomas (a.k.a ODC MC), formerly of Clock who had a number one hit in the official top uk 40 & world circuit D.J Tony T.G, he would spend any spare time in their studio & hanging out at their apartment. All these musical geniuses & inspiration led to the next chapters in his life.


Having before being stuck with Atari’s limited music creation platform, Cubase, Amiga, PlayStation's loop daw or basic struggling computers in the past didn't stop him from making some kind of tracks, however, in his late teens he had been shown a more professional, accessible way to produce, away from the studio, by a close friend of the Dale techno family fold in the underground music game. Using a powerful win/mac & studio hardware/VST software, led him to create many aliases & releases in electronic or dance vibes and push out music for the true love of it, with many undisclosed ghost productions, releases & commercial licences.


Looking to the present day, this recent project 'PLAUSIBLE' is still in it's infancy, a few handpicked singles & a shed load of remixes & bootlegs on his SoundCloud has showcased his darker & fun side to start. He was searching for that important signature sound & best believe, he’s worked on it & has found it, comprising of a debut self titled 'PLAUSIBLE E.P' forthcoming late 2020. As most defined to what spectrum of music he loves to make within the realms of dubstep, d’n’b & real instrument/electronic music. Expect some surprising melodic, warm & heartfelt music real soon so stick around for that.

He gives thanks for your support.

UNFORESEEN & COViD NiGHTMARE OUT NOW here for streaming & in digital stores.


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