Plausible has been making music for a good few years on a computer & mixing gear, every day is still a learning day for him, a little inspiration from a song or sound and a track will appear the next day. Starting out trying to get a studio for forming and co founding a punk metal band and not having long there so used a sound proof made studio in a garage instead, that band was ’Nomed’, I’ll let you work that out. Plausible played lead Guitar and co wrote some raw and unseen lyrics.


This all stemmed from the influence of 80’s 90’s pop and rock when he was a lad and then growing into, punk, dance, metal and a nice time in teens/20s working with some greats in the d’n’b, electronic, tv and installations game, mainly west end clubs, Camden Palace, Gas Club, London Hippodrome, Limelight, while working as a lighting jokey in the 90’s.


Having before being stuck with Atari’s limited music creation platform, Cubase, Amiga, PlayStation's loop daw or basic struggling computers in the past didn't stop him from making some kind of tracks, however, in his late teens he had been shown a more professional, accessible way to produce, still away from the studio, by a friend in the underground music game, using a powerful win/mac and studio hardware/VST software, which led him to create to many aliases in dance vibes and push out music for the love of it, with a few licences here and there.

This project 'PLAUSIBLE' is still in infancy, a few handpicked singles showcasing his darker side to start. Plausible was searching for that important signature sound, best believe, he’s worked on it & has found it, comprising of a debut self titled 'PLAUSIBLE E.P' forthcoming late 2020. As most defined and what spectrum of music he loves to make within the realms of dubstep, d’n’b and real instrument/electronic music, so expect some surprising melodic, warm & heartfelt music real soon. 
Stick around for that.

From behind a dank cloud of green smoke, plausible will ascend. GOOGLE SEARCH: PLSBLE


UNFORESEEN, Neuro Madness out 19th June 2020 here for streaming & in digital stores.

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